Stadshavens Medemblik

Whether you arrive by boat or come to stay in Medemblik and its surroundings without a ship, make use of our beautiful Union (e)bikes. And of course, we have children’s bikes available and a lovely dog trailer for your pup. Naturally, the bikes can be equipped with front and/or rear child seats and/or bike bags.

The bikes can be rented per day (part), or for several days. The longer you rent, the greater the benefit of the daily rate. It is possible to reserve in advance! Use the link on this website. There are various cycling routes to enjoy a day in Medemblik. The cycling routes can be obtained at the harbor office.

Rent online via RentTourBuy or through our website Stadshavens Medemblik.

We ensure that the bikes are ready for you. See you soon!


Fatbike korting

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