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Together with our partner, Stadshavens Medemblik and in particular the Pekelharing harbor, we work together to make your stay in Medemblik as pleasant as possible.

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Attention: The electric means of transport may not drive on the beach. You can only drive on paved roads, no sand and no water! For safety reasons, all our material must not be loaded with more than 120 kilos.

The minimum age for all electronic devices is 16+ years. Before renting a Segway, you will first receive training and instructions, and you get a helmet. The rental period only begins when you can drive properly and safely.

Your reservation is final when payment has been made. We charge a deposit of €50.00 for all electrical items and €25.00 for all non-electrical items. You pay the deposit in the shop, in cash or by card.

You can find our general terms and conditions here.