Frequently asked questions

It is wise to reserve your bikes in advance during the high season, weekends, and holiday periods. If you make the reservation online, you also pay immediately.

That is only possible for fatbikes, fatmaxes, e-choppers, e-scooters, and ninebots. However, you are always welcome to come by the store to see what is possible.

We only deliver your reservations from the location Hoorn. For Ouddorp: our shop is located at the Strand Resort Ouddorp Duin park and is within walking distance from De Klepperstee/Ridderstee.

Our e-bikes have a Bosch mid-drive motor and can travel between 40-60 km, depending on headwind and weight. If you want to recharge during a stop, please bring the charger with you.

In principle our bikes are in good condition but, of course, it can always happen that you get a flat tire or another inconvenience. We always advise to take a short ride before you leave our store and come back if you have any doubts. But if you are on the way, please call 0654791816. We try to offer a suitable solution as soon as possible.

You can pay with almost any bank card, credit card, cash and online with PayPal.

Please call in advance. Being 5-15 minutes late can always happen. If you are later we charge
€5.00 per hour.

Cancellation is possible up to 48 hours in advance. You will then receive the rental sum back, minus the booking fees. If your reservation is within 48 hours, it is also possible to move the reservation to another date. This depends on availability.

That is always possible. For cancellations, the 48-hour term applies and if you want to add something you can do that with a second reservation online, but it is easier to send us an email: info@renttourbuy.nl.

Fatbike korting

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