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About RentTourBuy

RentTourBuy is a company that, as the name suggests, deals with rental, tours and sales. We offer you various bicycles with which you can discover the area in a relaxed manner. If you want a more unique way of getting around, rent the E-Chopper, Segway or E-Kickbike (E-Step XL).


CityToursHoorn and its surroundings

The most beautiful iconic town in West Friesland and the beautiful nature surrounding it must be explored. Via a walking tour, via a tour with an E-bike or with fun, fun, fun, namely our E-Choppers, XL-Steps and Fatbikes. Drive along the Markermeer, drive to Enkhuizen or to the beach. But do that especially with CityToursHoorn. This is our newest concept since 01-01-2024. We have the fun, the bikes, the routes and the very best guides. Make an appointment now via the button below.

Fatbike korting

4 fatbikes huren voor de prijs van 3. Alle locaties